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Kid’s Amethyst & Quartz  Bracelet

Kid’s Amethyst & Quartz Bracelet

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Amethyst & Natural Frosted Clear Quartz 

This is a beautiful Amethyst nugand Quartz bracelet, is stunning.

Amethyst is the gem for beauty,  healing & inner  peace 

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer 

Lava stone is a great stone for grounding the soul. They are naturally porous and great in absorbing oil.

Simply roll our favourite essential oil blend onto the Lava stones and enjoy the benefits. When the scent wears off simply apply again. Oil not included but check out our beautiful selection of  gorgeous handcrafted essential oil roll-on’s 


3-5 years 13cm-14cm

5-8 years 14cm-15cm

8-11 years 15cm-16cm

11+ years 17cm-18cm 

NOTE: each and every stone is naturally unique no bracelet will ever be the same and colour also will naturally differ. 

WARNING: If over stretched, these bracelets can break. They are made with strong, stretchy cord but they are not indestructible. If broken, small beads can become loose and pose as a choking hazard to small children.

*Do not over stretch bracelet. I use strong, latex-free cord that can withstand the usual on and off stretching but it isn't indestructible. Care should be used to avoid unnecessary over-stretching.