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Kid’s Love and Self Esteem bracelet.
Kid’s Love and Self Esteem bracelet.

Kid’s Love and Self Esteem bracelet.

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Love and Self Esteem bracelet 
This beautiful Aromatherapy diffuser bracelet of Lava stone, Howlite and Rose quartz.
Rose quartz helps rise self esteem also the stone of love.

Howlite Calming stone

It’s just a perfect combination with any FCW-Blends kid’s essential oil’s. 

Lava stones are naturally porous meaning there are lots of little air bubbles in the stone. So this makes it perfect for holding your Essential oil blends in acting as a natural diffuser.

HOW IT WORKS AS A NATURAL DIFFUSER? Lava stones work by the oil been it the little pockets/ holes and as you wear it, the oil warms with your body heat. That causes the oil to evaporate over a few hours, but also means the scent will be much stronger.

Simply roll your favourite FCW-blend onto The lava stones for your gorgeous little to enjoy the benefits of the beautiful Aroma’s.


3-5 years, 13cm-14cm

5-8 years, 14cm-15cm

8-11 years, 15cm-16cm

11-14 years, 17cm- 18cm

NOTE: each and every stone is naturally unique no bracelet will ever be the same and colour also will naturally differ.