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Kid’s Sweet Dreams, Aromatherapy  roll-on
Kid’s Sweet Dreams, Aromatherapy  roll-on

Kid’s Sweet Dreams, Aromatherapy roll-on

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FCW-Blends ready to use roll-on essential oils are carefully handcraft with the highest quality ingredients to help support the body and mind naturally and safely. 

Kid’s Sweet Dreams 
 Kid’s Sweet Dreams, encourage and settle busy little minds naturally for a restful night.
Gorgeous pure Lavender oil with its unmistakable aroma. Seductive and calming effects helps relieve stress and calms. Cedarwood is a warm woody scent, Helps emotional feelings of connect, belonging and trust. topped with Fractionated Coconut oil. Is just beautiful to help relax, calm and smooth the body and mind.

*Extra gentle

*Cruelty free

*No chemicals 

*No synthetics

*No artificial fragrances 

*100% natural

*Made in Australia 

Ready to use in a 10ml amber bottle with a stainless steel roller ball and twist cap. Cap colours will differ.

Apply your blend onto your aromatherapy bracelet orthe bottoms of your feet, pulse points including Inner wrists and back of the neck before bed.

*Children 3+

*Please note FCW-Blends are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care professional to discuss your personal suitability for the use of these products.